Top Podcasts by Women

For those spaces where you need some sage company, there’s nothing better than pressing play on a podcast that adds something to the time you spend commuting or contemplating. All of us want different things from our audio; inspiration, motivation, entertainment or even just fodder. And while there are a plethora of podcasts authored by male voices, women are fast adding their stories to the audio sphere. Content created by women for women means the topics are relevant and relatable, so here are five female-driven podcasts that will rock your headphones.

There’s something intangible that connects women, no matter the distance between them. Sow and Friedman are best buds who live on opposite sides of the USA, and this delightful podcast is a place where the two chat about everything and anything, from politics to what’s popular. Through it all, they elevate and amplify women creators; those with and without a ‘name.’ An extension of your friendship circle, you’ll form a connection with them as they sob, giggle, rant, rage and capture the essence of what it is to have a best friend.

For some, Mum is our first truth-teller, the person who clues us into the way the world works. But what about the stuff she never let you in on. These savvy hosts explore a different topic every week, built on research-driven challenges that women are up against. From asking why more women’s clothes don’t have pockets to shining a light on the black women of punk rock. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these women make curiosity an artform and organise their thoughts in a genuine and entirely listenable way.

These wonderful women explore the forces that drive human behaviour. Even though it’s a towering topic, fuelled by plenty of brainpower, these three keep the content rational and relatable. Their stories focus on fascinating people and will leave you with a new perspective on life. In a single episode on personality, they’ll take you on a journey from nuptials in City Hall to inmates crafting TED talks. What cuts through is these audio treats are always so well put together, you’ll want to keep binging.

If you’re a creative and want to get your stuff out there, these boss ladies dissect the attitudes, strategy and hacks that will set you up for success. Each hour-long episode checks in with lady bosses who are already out there doing and being amazing. Hear from incredible women such as Brené Brown, Vasavi Kumar, and Jessica Murnane, a well as topics that cover work, rest and play. Beyond the show, you can also tap into the extended community through meetups, live hangouts, webinars, and even vacations.

This yogi lets you in on her personal life. With a soothing voice, she delves into topics that take you with her, even if you don’t share her reality. From the art of slowing down, to what scares you, and holding on and letting go, Rachel Brathen’s frankness and storytelling skills will keep you coming back. This is like a one-to-one chat with a friend who wants you to be your best self.

Lend your ears to these five podcasts for time well spent. Made and presented by fabulous women, this audio content is packed with interesting, insightful content that will keep your brain cells buzzing.

Candice Mattiske