5 Top Superfood Trends

The food revolution is set to continue its stride this year as more and more people become more and more curious, and continue to consider what they’re eating. As we hunt for more healthful options, we’ll see alternatives turning up in our more mainstream supermarkets as they search for the next trendy tucker. Here are the most innovative superfood trends that look like they’re going to take off.

As more people gravitate towards a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, there are a whole lot more alternatives popping up. To provide for this growing market – think mushroom jerky, plant-based bacon and pork rinds and veggie chips galore. Cutting out meat is more inviting than ever as substitute tastes and texture are making the transition more tantalising. Plant-based fake meats are going gangbusters with ever more incredible inventions on the horizon. It’s an innovative space that’s building momentum.

Imitation Meat Treats

We’re leaving seaweed in 2018 and thinking so much more into the deep. This year, the under-the-sea heroes will include wakame, algae, spirulina, agar-agar and nori. Stacked with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, these oceany superfoods are great for your grey matter. Sea greens are already donning dishes in the form of seaweed butter and kelp noodles, while unique varieties of algae, kelp and other sea veggies are growing in popularity. Puffed water lily seeds, algae-based tuna alternatives, crispy salmon skins and kelp jerkies are just the tip of the sea snacks you can pick up this year.

Sea Snacks

We’re all used to going to the cold aisle to get our probiotics, but now, enter the brands that are adding these wellness components to your pantry-based foods such as muesli, porridge, nut butters, soups, and nutrition bars. Last year, fermented foods led the way in probiotic inclusion, but this year, things are getting more outside-the-square, with new strains, such as Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 and Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 increasing the possibility of shelf-stable iterations.

Shelf Stable Probiotics

You can be forgiven for not knowing about this super greens powder, given that matcha and green tea have long been in the limelight. Until now. Full of vitamin C, calcium and amino acids, moringa hails from West Africa and Nepal. Naturally energy-increasing, it’s caffeine free and is attributed to assisting with managing blood sugar and keeping histamine production steady. Just strew some into your smoothie, sprinkle it on your yoghurt or add a pinch to your green juice.


Given our proximity to this dynamic region, it’s no surprise we’ll be seeing more of these delectable flavours throughout 2019. If you’re looking, there are already plenty of these tastes out there on restaurant plates: longganisa (Filipino pork sausage), dried shrimp, cuttlefish and shrimp paste. Then there’s the tropical fruit sensation set to spoil us with delectable delights such as dragon fruit and guava as an accent to our cocktails and smoothies. With its robust texture, Jackfruit is becoming a popular meat alternative, while a monk fruit extract is gaining momentum as a great natural sweetener.

Pacific Rim Flavours

If you like trying the next new thing, keep an eye out for some trailblazing superfoods this year. It’s all about food evolution; as our priorities and preferences shift and change, so does our innovation around eating. It looks like 2019 is going to be a superfood adventure.

Matthew Guthrie
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