For over 100 years, this day has served as a celebration of all things female; look at how women are included, participate in and influence cultural, economic, social and political spaces. While we’ve come a long way since the first IWD in 1911, gender equality and inclusiveness is still a fair stretch away. This year, it’s all about #BalanceforBetter; better gender balance for a better world. Balance is in the big and little things, from grassroots movements to global action, and it’s becoming less the exception and more the expectation. Here are 5 ways to make an impact this International Women’s Day.

Knowledge is powerful. To shake your orbit up – get your hands on any material you can; go online, chat with people and look around you. Turn your energy and intention towards noticing women in context; look for gender balance in the boardroom, government, media, at work, and on the rich list and sports field. Get informed about how balance is bright for business and how it buoys communities and economies.

City-wide, there’s a stack of happenings to pull focus on gender balance, pick apart ideas and celebrate woman. Here are a few ideas:

All About Women On March 10, hear real stories, and get involved in experiences that highlight, deconstruct and share issues. Deep dive into how women sit in context.

International Women's Day Breakfast Head to Manly on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements and influence over eggs and bacon. Star speaker is Walkley Award-winning journalist, Tracey Spicer.

Sydney International Women's Day March On March 9, pound the pavement in solidarity with women facing challenges. Get insight into the plights and progress of women and feel the power of community.

Meet the Makers: Women in Beer, Wine and Spirits Join the women who produce Australia’s finest grog. Find out about fermentation, discover distilling and meet a crew of brewers at a tasting session on March 8 and 9.

If time isn’t on your side, put your pennies where your passion is and give to a cause that empowers women. If you want to go big, you can donate to Women for Women International which equips women to rise above war and poverty through self-supporting skills. Girls Not Brides is a powerful cause that pulls together 400 organisations from 60 countries to end child marriage. One Girl is another incredible cause which champions high-quality education programs across Africa. And if you’re keen to keep it local, seek out and give to your closest women’s shelter.

There’s no specific scope for amplifying women’s voices. Anything makes noise; attend or host an event or take pause to look around you at the visibility, inclusion and safety of the women in your world. Female-focus can be as micro as chatting around your dinner table about how you can better support the women you know. Spread the word on your socials; using #IWD2019 and #BalanceforBetter; post your ‘balance scales pose’ to show your support. If you’re hosting a larger-scale activity, make waves by grabbing your IWD in a Box: sensational resources for a schmick event.

IWD belongs to everyone, so galvanise your girls and get them involved. Put out the call to your circle and play your part – together. Get together with purpose; organise a champagne brekky or a high tea and. Share stories about women you admire and how you can all take up more space in the different areas of your lives. Massive movements often begin with individual actions, so your gathering doesn’t have to have a huge platform to be impactful. Ask questions, make suggestions, unpack ideas, celebrate other women and think about changes you can make; collectively and alone. You could even ask your ladies for a donation to a women-centred cause that’s important to you.

Make March 8 Meaningful; celebrate, encourage and engage this International Women’s Day. To celebrate you, and women everywhere, we want to encourage everyone to practice self-care. Shop with Dharma Bums now and receive 25% off full priced products plus a free gift to share with a woman who inspires you.

Candice Mattiske
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