Activewear with a future

Sustainability is our philosophy, activewear is our expression. 

Living on Sydney’s northern beaches, we’ve always had a close connection with nature. Seeing plastic and other rubbish washed up on the sand brought home the impact people we are having on the planet. We knew we wanted to make a difference and to start a conversation with our customers. Our goal is to step lighter on the planet we love and design activewear for the future, putting purpose before profits.

SUPIMA COTTON is a beautifully natural and durable all-cotton fibre that feels like silk and has a luxe lustre.

LENZING MODAL is a soft and luxurious fibre made from sustainable raw beechwood.

Modal fibres can be reverted back into nature as they are certified as compostable and biodegradable.

RECYCLED FABRICS made with post-consumer recycled P.E.T water bottles.


We strive to have a minimal footprint across our entire business. From the water we use to the packaging we produce; every decision is taken with a view to reducing our impact on the planet.Our garment and mailer bags are made from 100% sustainable sourced plant based fibers. This makes them home compostable and biodegradable.

They meet Australian Standard (AS 5810-2010) for Home Compostability which means that conform to the Home Composting Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 are verified by the Australiasian Bioplastics Association.

Dispose of them in your home compost and they will start to breakdown within 90 days. Turning your compost regularly will help speed up the process!

If you do not home compost, do not worry! You can contact your local council and find out what they have available. If they do end up in landfill they will still biodegrade.

It the small things we do that make the difference!

We wanted to make sure we did this with minimal pollution to the planet. We set about finding the best mills to help us with this. We make sure that any water used in the dye process is cleaned up to 40 times before it is released back into the waterways to ensure nothing is polluted.


Dharma Bums textiles are accredited by the world’s highest standards:

The Bluesign system aims to find solutions for sustainable textile production by eliminating harmful substances at each step of the supply chain, and approving chemicals, processes, materials, and products that are safe for the environment, the workers and customers. All our fabric mills are 100% certified under the Bluesign System.

The MADE IN GREEN label gives you the certainty of knowing that our products are made with materials that have been tested for harmful substances, are made in environmentally friendly facilities and in safe and socially responsible workplaces. 30% of all our products are OEKO-TEX Made Green certified.

Our fabrics are certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, the world’s leader in testing fabrics to regulate harmful substances. They make sure all our garments are body friendly and contain no harmful chemicals.

The BSCI code of conduct has 11 principles aimed at making the garment making industry a fair and safe place to work. Transparency is important to us, and we think you should know and understand where their clothes are made.

Activewear that lifts your spirits

We share a vision to create beautiful activewear that makes you, the planet and our makers feel good inside and out.


It is our global team that makes Dharma Bums possible. We ensure every person we work with is treated with the respect they deserve. Find out how we measure ourselves against the global standard.

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Recycling is no longer optional. We’re helping to create a world where everything that can be recycled, is recycled. Our collection is already made using 60% recycled fibres and we are committed to increasing this mix.

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Our designers take their cue from our stunning environment and apply it to our unique, hand-painted signature prints. Every piece of sustainable activewear is also designed for fit, comfort, and durability. It’s beauty that’s built to last.

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