Dharma Bums is closing the loop with LENZING™ Modal fabrics. From nature to your wardrobe, pull on our blended Modal sweats for stylish threads with delicate detail and beautiful soft hand feel. Working to protect resources, and our planet, The Lenzing Group are leaders in sustainability, with their sights set on bringing about positive change. Here’s some more about the fabric you’ve been waiting for.e and play. Introducing our new signature fabric; let’s get to know each other.

This international group takes its name from it’s home in Lenzing, Austria. The Lenzing Group is committed to producing botanically-derived Modal cellulosic fibres in an entirely transparent process, from end-to-end. Responding to amplified demand for sustainability, this innovative manufacturer is all about products that nurture nature and deliver feel-good fabrics. Closed-loop production is often regarded as the edge of responsible fashion; challenging to achieve, it's ultimately a sustainable system with no polluting output and no waste. Lenzing is transforming the industry with its environmentally conscious production. Its Lyocell is produced with wood pulp, sourced from sustainable Eucalyptus tree farms, and closes the loop by recovering or decomposing all solvents and emissions. That’s a whole lot of wow.

Lenzing's Modal cellulosic fibres are produced with the environment in mind; from start to finish. Environmentally responsible, everything Lenzing makes is sourced from natural raw material wood pulp, then transformed into biobased LENZING™. Botanically brilliant, their natural-feel fibres are derived from nature, so they can fully revert back to nature. All LENZING™ Lyocell and Modal fibres are certified as compostable and biodegradable. Now that's naturally innovative.

By concentrating on quality, performance and versatility, this soft-finish fabric is always comfort conscious. Because of its distinctive makeup, it’s an epically durable fabric, with incredible moisture control, thermal stability and gentle-feel on your skin. Beautifully and naturally soft, this lustrous LENZING™ textile is also highly flexible and designed to move with you. Boasting brilliant colour and sheen, these Modal fibres give great drape and have excellent absorbency and wearability. They'll also hold their hue without fading. If you’re after effortless style, next-level comfort and a soft, smooth finish, sustainable Modal is the best of both worlds: beautiful and strong. There’s no end to the fabulousness of this fabric; it’s socially and environmentally responsible, intentionally balancing people and profit. Our closed-loop production and sustainable fabric can be fully reverted back to the earth; love LENZING™, love the earth.

Candice Mattiske