Ever had a new item of clothing come into your life and then wonder how you ever did without it? That’s what Wonderluxe will do to your wardrobe. These premium, practical pieces will transform the way you move, groove, practice and play. Introducing our new signature fabric; let’s get to know each other.

It’s in the name: wonderful and luxurious. This premium luxe fabric is there for you in ways you could never imagine. Our Wonderluxe articles offer you superior support, flexibility and ultimate comfort. This smart fabric has been engineered to provide multidirectional stretch, which makes it feel snug and silky, and always lovely and easy to wear. Its quick-dry quality means you can push yourself and still stay dry and secure.

Our Wonderluxe pieces feature leggings and bra with plait and lace detail; destined to become your new wardrobe staples. With a super soft feel and 4way stretch, these new kids on the hanger are the perfect pairing of luxe and functionality. The fabric’s quick-drying quality means constant comfort while you work out. And it’s also squat proof, so you can crouch your way to your heart’s content. There’s nothing worse than bending and stretching in a pair of leggings which look see-through in all the wrong places. Our items are grin-proof, so however you extend the fabric, it will maintain its integrity. Our garments have anti-pilling properties, so they’ll keep looking gorgeous for a long time to come.

These go-to garments are sure to become the mainstay of your clothing collection. Super soft, squat-proof and sculpting, our Wonderluxe items put functionality first. Do what you want and go where your body leads with absolute confidence, support and zero restriction. Designed to sculpt while offering comfort, our leggings cut a sleek silhouette with effortless style. Because they’re moisture-wicking and have excellent breathability, you stay dry and cool.

To keep this fabulous fabric in top shape, make sure you always wash your Wonderluxe items in cold water. And remember to turn your garments inside-out before you pop them in your machine. All stretch fabrics are a little sensitive; so to prevent pulls and tears, steer clear of rough surfaces. Our new signature Dharma Bums fabric is all about optimum performance. Wonderluxe is made to move with you.

Candice Mattiske