Top 6 health and fitness blogs to follow

We’re living through a health and fitness revolution. Thanks to the internet, we can see how we should be treating our bodies. With wellness now a pivotal part of our lives, we have a greater understanding as to how our health affects our quality of life. It’s no wonder a wellspring of health and fitness bloggers has surfaced to support us on this journey. The muddy www’s of unregulated information makes finding reliable advice near impossible. We’ve curated the top 6 health and fitness blogs to inspire and inform you.

This personal trainer and yoga teacher has over 3,000 Instagram followers. And her YouTube yoga channel is the third most popular in the UK. Evolving over a decade, Shona's Vertue Method mixes weighted resistance training and cardio with yoga and meditation. Equally focused on rest and recovery, as well as on hours of activity, her popular technique is practised in over 60 countries. Shona spurs clients and fans to learn new skills and play, rather than get bogged-down in aesthetic goals and rigorous discipline.

Pursuing a happy, healthy life through her passion, Cat helps others make positive shifts. Having been a gymnast, a dancer and yoga teacher, she lives for movement; with her knee operation and numerous injuries, her enthusiasm had to take a back seat. Being involuntarily ‘grounded,’ Cat was forced to look deeper into her body; and found yoga. This practice taught her how to treat her body, find herself and guide others. Cat shares her learnings through her blog, classes and retreats.

Since teaching her first yoga class twenty years ago, Rachel remains devoted to the practice that first shone a light on her mind, body and soul. Over the past fifteen years, she’s been a yoga educator, studio manager, coach, teacher trainer and mentor. Overseeing the growth of two national yoga companies, Rachel uses her experience to design new programs and workshops. Rachel assists yoga educators to promote their studios and helps people live their best lives.

Splitting her life and work between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Belinda is a single mum of two, plus her canine furbaby, Rasta. This health and fitness educational professional is a certified fitness trainer and alignment specialist. Belinda is also the author of Fit Mama and memoir – Because I was a Bad Wife. She has also written fitness and health guides: B.Body Boost, 10 Day Body Blast and B. Kickstarter. Belinda is also a clean foodie, recipe creator, motivational speaker and Primary School teacher.

This functional fitness-loving YouTuber wants to help you heal your body using healthy recipes for remedy. She wants you to listen to your body and act with confidence to increase your health and fitness. Author of two 8-week fitness guides, Sarah starts you on your journey with weeks 1-8 of Sweat it to Shred it. Then she sees you through the final 9-16 weeks with Sweat it Reload. Sarah believes routines should be fun and flexible and also has a line of activewear line, protein balls and Deluxe Mix products.

As one of the world’s most influential trainers, Kayla has educated and aided millions of women to achieve their fitness goals. Her Bikini Body Guides (BBG and BBG Stronger), help women make sustainable changes to their mindset and lifestyle. They include audio cues, warm-ups and new challenges so you can train at home or in the gym. From beginners to pros, Kayla’s programs evolve with you; her BBG community provides a sensational support network.

Today, Personal Trainers are celebrities in their own right. These 6 fitness gurus show us how to share knowledge and passion for fitness. Appealing to a broader audience, they've become influencers in the industry.

Kate Torta