Explore the crystals below, which one catches your eyes?
Which stone are you most attracted to?
Don’t over analyse it; trust your instinct!
Once you’ve made your selection read on to learn about the crystal you chose and what it can do for you.

Find the love you long for, be it self-love, friendship love or romantic love. Rose Quartz, the love magnet, will enable you to find and accept unconditional love, the love that you need. Peace and tranquillity will flow within, embody a free spirit and find a sense of release and escape from any negativity. Happiness and compassion will possess you and bring your conscience to a higher level. See and understanding things from a different perspective.

A crystal to engage clarity of mind and bring a vibrancy to your life. Clear Quartz will raise your energy levels, enabling you to radiate high-vibrational energy in all directions. This crystal strengthens focus and brings your dreams and desires into clear and present view. Making your intension's clear this crystal will bring mind and body into perfect harmony and enable your highest potential. Providing balance, harmony, light and positivity this crystal is the perfect choice as a meditation partner.

Finding one’s true self is often a difficult task and understanding and accepting who we are can be daunting. Black Obsidian will allow you to identify all aspects of yourself, the good, bad and the ugly and enable you to reflect and understand your true being. With this crystal you will learn to embrace your true self, remove negative energies and patterns from your life, developing a sense of grounding and worth. This crystal will guide you to a balanced, positive and energised path and enable growth and self-development through your life.

Relaxation and energy, this is what Amethyst can bring to your life. Freeing your body of stress and negative energy whilst injecting balance and positive energy in. Amethyst brings clarity enabling you to engage in a stress-free life with clearness of mind. It encourages sleep and delivers to the body a sense of calmness and soothing. Connecting with the third eye Amethyst powers-up your sense of intuition, giving you the control and energy to make insightful decisions and feel balanced when doing so.

Chiara Morvillo