The Story so far….

Dharma Bums aims to keep you practicing in style in our exclusively designed, high performance yoga and activewear whilst keeping your karma clean.

Founded in November 2013 by fashion designer and yoga teacher Debbie Lawson who was inspired to take her yoga practice off the mat and take her own small steps towards creating change in the way yoga apparel is made. Her vision is to not only empower the people who wear the product but also those who make it by ensuring the their safety, salary and well being promote a standard of life that encourages happiness and harmony. 

Dharma Bums insists on an ethical code of conduct from the companies that make the product.  Every garment is designed on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia by a passionate and creative team.  Each new design is tried and tested and tested on yogis worldwide to ensure fit and fabric compliment every asana taken. 

 Dharma: Acting in concert with one’s divine purpose in life. When our intentions, thoughts, words, and actions support our life’s purpose, we are in dharma. 

 Bum: Someone who spends lots of their time doing an activity they love or being in a place they enjoy e.g surf bum, beach bum, yoga bum, you get the idea…..

 Dharma Bum:  A person who travels through life living their purpose, doing what they love in peace, happiness and harmony.

Enjoy the journey.....