Designed with Passion

Our collections capture style with spirit.

Design by Us, Inspired by You

Artisan Designers

Our designers take their cue from this stunning environment and apply it to

unique, hand-painted signature prints.

What you end up with is a timeless design that expresses the individuality of

you, the customer. This is why our sustainable activewear is so highly sought

after. Dharma Bums customers like to dance to the beat of their own drum,

rather than following the crowd.

Garment Detailing

Form with Functionality

Our dedicated garment designers ensure
style and comfort are at the forefront of each
garment. Using only luxury fabrications the
collections are inclusive of all women’s shapes
and sizes.

We believe sustainable activewear should not
only look good and allow the wearer to express
their individuality, it should feel amazing too!

Eco Friendly Printing

We believe in reducing our footprint on the planet, we employ the most eco-friendly process for printing our leggings.

We make sure to recycle all the paper used in printing, and only use eco-
friendly J-TECK certified dyes. Where we can’t use a sublimation technique,
we still use eco-friendly dyes and ensure a robust water-cleaning process so
contaminated water is not released into the environment. This all takes place
in the most eco-responsible mills in the world.

Our Three Design Criteria

  • Style: Designed to look good feel good and bring out your unique style

  • Performance : Created to stand the test no matter how intense your workout is

  • Spirit: Consciously created for a better world for everyone.

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