From day one, our vision was for each unique garment to empower both those who wear them and those that make them – and that means focusing as much on the people as the garments themselves. From origination to creation, Dharma Bums has an unwavering commitment to ethical supply chains and quality in every stitch.

From the beginning we have built relationships with small Australian factories that believe in what we do. They are committed to quality and, importantly, are ethically certified. We still work with these same factories today. As we have grown we have brought in new partners that share our values, all certified by internationally independent bodies who audit their operations and are all BSCI accredited.

Our journey began in Australia but since the start of 2017 we have searched hard for partners true to our vision for ethically made products, and we have been able to expand the Dharma Bums team into China. Their ethical vision is inspiring, with BSCI accredited facilities audited twice a year, and inspected by the Dharma Bums team on a similar schedule.

The BSCI code of conduct has 11 principles aimed at making the garment making industry a fair and safe place to work. Transparency is important to us, and we think you should know and understand where their clothes are made.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer support team