Stand with your feet hips width apart. Ground your heels into the floor. Bend knees. Inhale, lengthen spine and fold forward from the hip joints. Grab opposite elbows, relax them down towards the ground. Relax neck, tuck chin towards your chest and feel the stretch along the spine. Keep your eyes closed and let yourself hang like a rag doll. Deeply inhale and exhale. Allow your thoughts to disappear and relax deeply.

Spread your feet wide with inner feet placed parallel to each other (taller people should step wider). Place block directly in front of you, a little higher than the tops of your toes. Inhale, lengthen spine, engage glutes and thighs and forward fold from the hip joints. Bend until your hairline rests on the edge of the block. Relax neck and shoulders, weight should be carried in the quads and pushed towards the back of your heels. Slowly walk your hands out to hold the outsides of each ankle. Close eyes, deeply inhale and exhale. Relax.

Sit on the floor with both legs extended out in front of you. Bend your right knee, placing your right sole back towards your perineum and against your inner left thigh. Place a block directly into front of you where your hairline will rest. Inhale, lengthen spine, extend arms out in front of you and forward fold from the hip joints. Allow your hands to drop where ever they are comfortable, if comfortable you can interlock figers around base of heel. Release neck and shoulders.Close eyes. Deeply inhale and exhale. Relax.

Sitting in a comfortable position on the floor, place a bolster directly behind your lower back, angled straight to lie directly underneath your spine. Allow knees to externally rotate and drop towards the floor. Soles of feet facing inwards towards eachother. Inhale and gently lie back with your spine straight, supported by the bolster. Allow your arms to fold outwards, keeping palms facing up towards the sky. Relax neck and shoulders. Close eyes, deeply inhale and exhale.

Lie on your back on the floor. Place a blanket over you if you would be more comfortable. Place your feet wider than hips width apart and allow the soles of your feet to externally rotate. Draw your shoulder blades together, allowing your shoulders to relax closer towards the floor. Tuck chin towards chest, lengthen back of neck. Spread arms apart with palms facing upwards towards the sky. Close eyes, deeply inhale and exhale.

Matthew Guthrie
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