International Earth Day is on April 22.

Since 1970, this day has seen some significant earth-loving events with far-reaching repercussions and over 1 billion participants worldwide.

Join the Earth Day momentum and be part of a movement to unify us humans to act for the planet.


It's a Big Year

This year on Earth Day, The Biden Administration will hold a global climate summit to get world leaders on board for climate action. To underline the USA’s commitment to climate through foreign policy, Biden has established the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. This is a drive to get loud about climate ambition and integrate climate considerations on the world stage.

A Pro-Planet Push

The theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth™ – to showcase natural processes, green tech and forward-thinking to return the health of our ecosystems. This concept doesn’t side with mitigation or adaptation as the exclusive approaches to climate change. Instead, it seeks to put back what we’ve taken..


Earth Initiatives

Being an earth advocate is a year-round decision, not just a one-day thing. Shift your thinking and look past the doom and gloom – sure – be aware of climate change and the downfall of natural systems, but look for the opportunities. A healthy planet is a necessity not just for our quality of life but for our existence.

One dollar = one tree. The Canopy Project™ teams up with global-wide groups to confirm your contribution will help sustainably plant trees to capture carbon, cool, provide for pollinators, aid agriculture and uplift economies.

Reducing your foodprint means lessening the impact of growing, producing, transporting, and storing food. Embracing innovation in regenerative agriculture and sustainable food practices reduces pollution, greenhouse gases and drain on natural resources.

One person can make waves – get involved in The Great Global Cleanup™ – make a difference by cleaning up a public space. Next time you’re at your local park, notice the effect of pollution and rubbish or at your local beach, see how much single-use plastic ends up in the ocean. There are now microplastics in our air and food; you’ve probably eaten a credit card’s worth of plastic every week.

Climate Literacy is everything. Educating people about climate change transforms them into environmental caretakers. We need all people on board; collective action creates jobs and establishes greener markets and a way of life.

Dharma Bums make earth-friendly activewear. We're passionate about sustainability and make every decision to reduce our impact on the planet. Rather than going to landfills, we recycle our off-cut fabric into stuffing for boxing bags. We make our recycled fabrics with post-consumer recycled PET water bottles. We use an eco-friendly printing process and dyes, which use less water and electricity and produce less waste during manufacturing. And to ensure no pollution – any water we do use in the dyeing process is cleaned up to 40 times before it's released back into the waterways.

Start Small

Doing something is better than doing nothing. Little plans can have a big effect, so take action. People who live with the results of environmental crises often don’t have the funds or faculty to deal with the fallout. Donate to a community affected by environmental issues: NSW Rural Fire Service. Or start closer to home and host a local cleanup or find one happening near you. Browse live webinars like ‘Women in Leadership: Fighting the Climate Crisis Through Climate Literacy.’ You can also register your cleanup or education event.

Start in your local hood. Look through an earth-friendly lens – don't accept degrading environments, dwindling resources and endangered animals as status quo. Let’s do things differently in all areas of life, from the way we use energy to the way we shop – make choices to restore your corner of the earth. Remember to use the hashtag #restoreourearth.

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