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Caring for the planet and the people who make our clothes is part of our DNA. Our vision is to offer you the choice to shop without comprising on sustainability, ethically made or style and comfort. Join us and be part of the change.

From day one, our vision was for each unique garment to empower both those who wear them and those that make them – and that means focusing as much on the people as the garments themselves. From origination to creation, Dharma Bums has an unwavering commitment to ethical supply chains and quality in every stitch. From the beginning, we have built relationships with small Australian factories that believe in what we do. They are committed to quality and, importantly, are ethically certified. We still work with these same factories today. As we have grown, we have brought in new partners that share our values, all certified by internationally independent bodies who audit their operations and are all BSCI accredited. A Dharma Bum doesn’t take life too seriously...but is serious about making sure the impact they have on the world is a positive one! Like us, you do what you love, and you live life in happiness and harmony. So, we’ve designed and created every garment with this spirit. We spend hours on the style and detail of each garment, on the print, design and the colour. It’s exclusive to us; a part of who we are - and we hope it will become a part of you too. Our brand is inspired by the stunning setting and scenery of the Sydney beaches where we are based. The talented Dharma Bums designers create each design from a fresh beginning, exclusively for you...

We have made smarter and more informed choices when it comes to our fabric choice. We are continuously moving into more recycled and sustainable choices. Currently, our range is 75% sustainable and by 2021 our range will be 100% sustainable. We have chosen to move away from bamboo as it is not an eco-friendly fabric. The manufacturing process is highly intensive and involves many harmful chemicals. Instead, we have chosen to work with more earth and people-friendly fabrics like sustainable Pima cotton and Lenzing modal®. We have also launched our latest fabric, Eco-Luxe, where we recycle 16-18 post-consumer PET bottles to make 1 pair leggings. We endeavour to stay informed with the best practices and will make adjustments accordingly to do what’s best for our planet and our customer.

All of our packaging is biodegradable, which means they do their carry-thing, then break down into natural materials without causing harm. Our swing tags are printed on recycled cards. And we ditched the synthetic twine, in favour of cotton twine to tie it to our clothes.

Being ethically driven isn’t something we ‘set and forget;’ it informs every move we make. Ethical integrity is essential to us. And here’s why – all our Dharma Bum doers work in a safe, healthy and happy environment, receive fair wages, training, and most importantly, have a voice. Our clothes are made by empowered women, for empowered women; you deserve to know and understand where your clothes are made. Through our ethical approach, you have the power to make people + planet-hearted choices.

Dharma Bums recently partnered with Thread Together to deliver new, good quality clothing to people in our community who are doing it tough. Over the last couple of months, our team has dropped off and helped sort almost 52 boxes of Dharma Bums product at the Thread Together warehouse. That’s close to 6,000 beautiful pieces of reclaimed fashion gifted to the wider community and kilograms of unworn clothing saved from potential landfill!

Through our choices, we make garments that are light on impact for people and our planet. We carefully choose fabrics, practices and processes that are better for our environment. Chose to spend your money where the heart is.

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