Happy New Year (well – close enough!) We’re all about connecting with yourself; stripping away all unwanted energies to make way for growing and becoming. As you settle into 2020, start the way you want to continue by intentionally creating the energy you want around you. Like all other aspects of life, being proactive leads to change and shedding what no longer serves you.

This ancient ritual, also known as smudging, has long been used by Native Americans. Traditionally a tool to adios damaging energy from your surroundings, things and body – this act paves the way for more positive vibes and a boost in your vibrancy. Think of this as a purifying practice; when your energy is free-flowing, you tend to stress less, have access to your intuition, as well as sharper memory and presence. Spiritually speaking, burning sage and incense can cleanse your space and self from trauma, negative experiences and energies. What better way to get a clean slate for 2020?

From painting and cross-stitch to baking and puzzling, using your imagination without censorship invites new ideas in. practice new ways of thinking and approaching challenges. By leaning into and expressing your uniqueness, your energy will grow and lift. We’re all gifted with creativity and ways to be playful and dynamic, so this year – use it. There’s no ‘correct’ way to be creative, so give yourself permission to let loose. If you’re stuck on where to start – go for a walk, revisit an old hobby or start a new one, pen a poem, see an art exhibition, or read, read, read. Refresh your energy this year by engaging with the world, minus the ‘shoulds.’ Take a risk, and you’ll be rewarded with authenticity – tune in to yourself and trust your instincts.

You are what you think, so learn to tune your mind. A cared-for mind will make for more positive energy. Once you accept your thoughts, words and action align to create what you become, how you experience the world, and how others experience you. More positive thoughts = more positive energy. To help renew your energy, remember – we’re all one – focus on the humanity and vulnerability of your fellow human and look for ways to send them love and kindness. Replace fears and less-than focus with bravery and conviction. Like attracts like, so when you meditate on good and gratitude, you act as a magnet for the same. When you see challenges as steps to better things, resistance takes a back seat to make room for your higher purpose. Without negative energy blockages, you’ll feel more balanced, aligned and good energy-rich.

For a new-year energy revamp, try essential oils. Research reports that some of these fragrant beauties have properties that can up your energy and soothe tiredness. Start with Peppermint. This bitey oil alleviates fatigue. Then there’s Sweet Orange mixed with Spearmint which can increase your athletic abilities. When you mix Spearmint with Rosemary, you can sharpen learning and memory, and tackle age-related oxidation. Rosemary on its lonesome ups mood and fortifies focus. And then there’s Lemon which again promotes positivity. Why not put these aromas in a diffuser for a gorgeously aromatic background to your day to daily doings. Elevating your energy is as easy as inhaling.

When the people around you don’t reflect who you are and where you want to grow, they can be a drain on your energy. The new year is a great time to invite people into your life; make connections and create distance from those with bad energy. This can be done with intent, openness and kindness – don’t ostracise or stonewall people, simply give your focus to friendships you want to foster. Whether new or old, be the energy you want to attract and watch what happens next.

Kate Torta