New Fitness Trends for the New Year

We’re not sad to see 2020 go: bye Felicia! 2021 already has some hefty expectations attached to it. For a lot of us, it’s a wipe-the-slate opportunity; a shiny new year to intentionally design your doings. Fitness is all about feeling. Moving bodies = energy and momentum. Still bodies = sluggish and blah. Draw a new year line in the sand; sure up your fitness goals and nut out the specifics of what you want to achieve. Here’s some inspo.



A fitness routine is vital because it’s habit-forming. Lock in your schedule and stick to it. If you’re a master of excuses, it’s time for some tough love. It’s too cold, too hot; you’re too tired – not gonna fly. At the very least – walk out the door and around the block, something is better than nothing. Becoming a creature of habit is challenging, but it’s fitness-friendly.


Choose a sustainable activity that suits your lifestyle. Don’t set yourself up to fail with sky-high expectations, unrealistic time commitments and types of exercise that feel like a chore. Instead, work to your strengths. Love the ocean? Swim your way to fitness. Are you an outdoor human? Boot camp or jog your way to shape. If you’re not a morning person, forget the dawn workouts – make fitness fit you.



To spice up your 2021, here are four ways to get you moving in innovative ways.


Practically a buzzword, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) isn’t going anywhere. This savvy practice will have you exercising in short bursts at 90% of your max heart rate, mixed with stretches of active recovery or rest. The theory is, most of us can’t keep up our 90% for extended periods, so by going full-on in intervals – you end up with a pretty big workout and a fast calorie burn.


Not a self-motivator? Connect with friends. With support, it’s easier to try something new. Keep each other accountable: share your timing, routine and gear tips. As exercise shifts outdoors, the group setting gives you access to trainers who are now part fitness instructor, part motivational trainer. There’s also a gymtastic opportunity to find a new world of classes. And sometimes, seeing a familiar face each session is enough to shift it from a chore to a cheer. You’ll see more equipment and activities going outdoors too.


For what feels like forever, wellness has been all go-go-go. In a move away from accelerator mode, ‘conscious deceleration’ is a thing. Fitness has fallen into the ‘busy’ trap: faster, longer, stronger. But this is the road to burnout, and collectively, we’re shifting from quick-fix to building long-term endurance. Slow and steady – you know the drill. Exercising at 50% of your max heart rate is back; enough to get your blood flowing and keep stiffness at bay, but not so much to keep you pushed to your limits. Yoga is a slow fitness sweet spot – the movements are steady and intentional, but by no means easy. Practised with integrity, it’s exercise with a side of contemplation and breath control; fitness without the hustle.


A fit mind is a marvel, so as part of your goals – don’t forget to exercise it too. Meditation is on the rise. Your thoughts frame how you see the world, other people and most importantly – you, so create a lean, mean, thinking machine. Meditation, brain training, mindfulness are all practices you can incorporate for a holistic workout. Renew your energy, learn to see more good in people, quiet your fears, overcome resistance and invite balance and growth.

2021 is a much-anticipated calendar page-turn. Whether you’re keen to try new trends or stick with your favourite forms of exercise – a new year is a new opportunity.

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