Best Reads for 2019

Whether you’re a legs-up on a lounge, an outside on a blanket or an under the covers in bed reader, now’s the time to make that cuppa and get comfy. We’ve got five books that are guaranteed to keep you glued to the page; a sensational story, a real-life reflection, a whopping great yarn, a laugh-out-loud account and even something to help you nurture your leading edge. Whatever your wordsmithing disposition, these titles will tickle your literary fancy.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Take nine strangers and put them in a health resort for ten days. What could go wrong – right? All with different motivations, some want to shed excess kgs, some are looking for a fresh start, and some don’t know what they want. Beyond the pampering, mindfulness and meditation, these strangers have no idea just how tough their stay is going to be. If you haven’t read her work before, it won’t be long before you find out why Moriarty’s writing has everything that makes fiction fantastic and why her novels are always satisfying.

If you’ve ever wondered how this powerhouse woman came to be the First Lady of the United States, this stirring confessional lays out her incredible life. Discover the story behind the woman who emerged as a powerful advocate for leadership and inclusion. Uncover the experiences that helped her ‘become,’ from growing up on the South Side of Chicago to balancing her high-profile profession with motherhood. This open account of the ups and downs of her life is told in her own words with a healthy dose of wit.

This is the Irish writer’s second novel; satirical, sensitive, gutsy and relatable. It revolves around two Dublin high-school students: the smart, studious Marianne who struggles to connect, and the equally intelligent, socially successful Connell who’s Mum cleans Marianne’s house. Coming of age in a rural Irish town, the two are rooted in polar opposite worlds, steering their courses through school, unsure of their place in the world. When these unlikely friends become lovers, they keep it secret for fear of what the people in each of their lives will think. Political and perceptive, it’s ultimately about truth and love.

Brené Brown is a leader herself; here in the realm of change makers and culture shifters, she talks us through taking the leadership plunge, based on new research. Beyond the fancy titles and power trips, Brown finds effective leadership is about being accountable and identifying and fostering potential in others. She encourages us not to act as if we know the answers, but to remain curious, share the power and lean into difficult conversations. If you feel like you want to be brave and step into command, this will help you be courageous and make a difference.

For six years, Adam Kay kept a diary while he trained as a junior doctor. This is a riotously funny account of finding his feet in this profession, in all it’s triumph, suffering, surrender and red tape. Adam navigates the life of a junior doctor until a shattering experience on a ward makes him think twice about his future. It’s written as a mix of stories from the cold face of the NHS, punctuated with his thoughts about the state of the industry. This truly fulfilling book is a gentle testament to the people who are brave enough to work in the context of life and death.

From the first sentence to the last full stop, any of these books will leave a lasting impression and make you want to open the next one. Happy reading.

Matthew Guthrie
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