Baby it’s cold outside

At this time of year, gyms see class attendance decline and you’ll notice far fewer bootcampers out on our beaches. There’s something about cold weather that makes us less motivated to get up and work out.

Let’s face it, when the temperatures drop, we all want to bunker down at home and stay warm.

There are other ways to get warm during Winter, though. And yes, working out is one of them. Victoria Norton from Training for Chocolate shares her tips for staying motivated to keep moving during the chilly months

  • First up, accept that it’s cold out and deal with it. Whinging about it isn’t going to get you anywhere. Embrace those frosty starts, you’ll certainly know you’re alive ;)
  • Get the right gear. Winter weight fabrics, full length tights, long sleeve layers, beanies, gloves, waterproof jacket… whatever you need, you’re so much more likely to get out there and move if you know your clothing can cope with the elements.
  • If your training session is early morning, have your entire activewear outfit laid out the night before. If you work out later in the day, have it all ready and packed into your gym bag.
  • I always say ‘know your why’. Your ‘why’ will be different to the next person’s. Make sure yours is never far from thought, and set goals accordingly. So if your ‘why’ is self-confidence, to feel comfortable in your bikini on your next holiday, then visualise that feeling and keep working for it.
  • Register for a Springtime event, such as a fun run/half marathon. Then you’ll have something to train for, progress to chart along the way, a clear training regimen that you need to follow.
  • It’s HARD to get out of a nice cosy bed before dawn in the middle of Winter! Get yourself a heater in your bedroom. If the temperature is comfortable at 5am, getting out of bed is soooo much easier.
  • Wake up and warm up with a quick hot shower before getting dressed in your (laid out) gym clothes straight away. Give yourself 20 minutes tops from alarm to out-the-door. Once you’re up and showered, you absolutely might as well go get it done.
  • If you make commitments, there’s no excuses. So arrange to meet a friend (workout buddies are the best buddies) or sign in to classes. That way, there’s no getting out of it without letting someone down or incurring a late-cancellation penalty.
  • Try planning out your whole week’s training in advance and put it all in the diary. This mental and physical commitment will help you follow through with your workout intentions. Plus you can plan the rest of your social engagements around them
  • If you normally train outside and you really can’t deal with the chill factor, then take it indoors. Now is a perfect time to mix up your training and try something new. Maybe F45, a HIIT class, Pilates…? Or (and this would be PERFECT on a freezing cold evening or weekend) Hot Yoga. Mmmmmm, Hot Yoga.
  • Try out a few new classes at your gym or visit a few new studios until you find something that you genuinely love. Once you’ve got that, half the battle of getting out of bed is already won./li>

Don’t forget

keep fuelling that body properly – just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean your nutrition goes out the window ;) And, super-important, warm up and cool down PROPERLY so you don’t send your muscles into some kind of arctic shock.

If you want to feel amazing next Spring, you’ve got to keep moving throughout Winter. It’s actually the best time of year to train. So, make some plans, get out there and have some hot sweaty fun!

Victoria Norton from Training for Chocolate
Matthew Guthrie
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