@The Best Crystals for the Immune System


A well-balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, exercise, and the use of stones and crystals will enable us to improve the body’s immune responses and stay healthy.


Applied as an elixir on the base of the neck, the inside of the wrists, or the solar plexus. A powerful healer and purifier, it imparts vitality, absorbs pain and negativity, and promotes the healing of wounds. It also enables the body to recover its balance and heal itself.

Psychologically, amber imparts joy and self-confidence. It also relieves stress and emotional turmoil.


Amethyst reinforces the cleansing and eliminating organs as well as the immune system. It also regulates intestinal flora.

Considered a natural tranquillizer, it relieves stress and nervous system disorders, promoting tranquility. It helps combat insomnia and protects against nightmares by inducing restful sleep.

Amethyst balances our emotional highs and lows and is a valuable aid in eliminating anger, fear, and anxiety.


Ametrine, which is composed of amethyst and citrine, helps strengthen the immune system.

It combines the qualities of amethyst and citrine to help dissolve negativity, bodily toxins, and fatigue. It also treats depression.


Aquamarine is an excellent choice for alleviating excessive immune reactions such as asthma and allergies.

Its power is enhanced when used in conjunction with emerald. Using these stones together helps combat throat and sinus infections and cure colds quickly.

Known as a stone of courage, aquamarine transmits the strength to meet any challenge. It brings soothing energies that help diminish stress and calm the mind.


Calcite, particularly green calcite, fortifies the immune system. It promotes the absorption of calcium, thereby stimulating growth in young children. It also relieves emotional stress and confers peace of mind.

Calcite brings stability,increases self-confidence, and helps overcome all obstacles.


A powerful ally of the immune system, emerald can help us remain in good health when our body’s natural defences are low. It regenerates our physical body and contributes to rapid recovery from infectious diseases.

This stone also ensures physical, emotional, and mental balance, erases negativity, and bestows a positive attitude.

Emerald opens the heart and enhances our ability to enjoy life to the fullest.


Lepidolite is a strong purification tool that dispels all negativity. A calming stone, it relieves sleep disorders. It’s also extremely useful in eliminating stress, depression, and mood swings.

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