Movie Night

During self-isolation it’s easy to get bored. So their is nothing better than getting together with your family, boyfriend or roomates and making a normal movie night into a themed cinema night.


Turn off the main lights and findtt fun ways to introduce some decorations. String lights, candles, diffusers etc. Yellow lights also might help to make the room more confortable to the eyes.


Movies and snacks are a great combination. Before you start the movie, prepare your favourite snacks. Popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, candy or healthy snacks. Wttthatever you choose will fit perfectly with your movie night

Get cozy

Pillows, mattresses, cushions, blankets or your favourite comfy clothes. It doen’t really matter what, as long as make the space more cozy. If you have kids, a blanket fort is a fun and great idea to make the night more special for the little ones.


If you have a projector at home and a white wall, this can be a great way to make you feel like you are at the movies. Today you can find really cheap or even portable options for sale.


Going to the movies also means getting ‘soft drinks’. So grab a few different flavoured drinks. Juices, healthy soft drinks, kombuchas, beer’s, wine or even a delicious warm tea.

Phone off

We all know how hard it’s to disconnect from our phone and social media even while watching movies at home. Like in a real cinema, make sure to turn off your phone so you can make the best of this experience.

Juliana Albuquerque