We believe that this is the time to reconnect with ourselves and take care of our minds and bodies and make sure to do the same for the people around us. House bounded is a reality and it’s important that we all understand that this is a great way to keep us and the people around us safe. So, here are a few self-care practices for during this isolated time...

A relaxing bath with bubbles, salts, oils, candles, and face masks. These are the types of small luxuries that make us love ourselves again.

Take time offline. It's important to keep ourselves informed, but it's also good to know when it's the time to stop.

Meditation can help to reduce insomnia and anxiety, also this beautiful practice can help to improve your longevity.

Do something just for fun. Crocheting, beading, embroidery, woodworking, baking and drawing can provide great stress relief.

Enjoy this time off to put your house in order. Take those old drawers and organise your documents. Maybe your closet could look great colour coded!

I know that in our normal rushed lives it's hard to take time just to enjoy a book with a hot cup of tea. Maybe this will be the perfect time to start reading those 20 books that you bought but never found the time to read!

Shelby Derks-Wyatt
Tagged: nourish