We all know music’s magic – it only takes one chord to take us back to a first date, wedding day or high school feels. It can make us cry, cause a chuckle or soothe and calm our red-hot angry beast within. It’s the only universal language.

Whatever kind of tunes float your boat, we can all relate to that moment when the beat drops while we’ve nailed the balance of breath and body position; happiness. Turn a running mind into a deliciously mushy place of peace and go with the flow to the tempo and timbre of the harmony and melody. Music is king, but it’s more about how the mind, body and breath intermingle with the subtleties of the beat that will give you the extra om in your practice.

The are many documented and demonstrated pluses of a constant yoga practice. In a little pistachio nutshell – yoga can increase your strength, soar your suppleness and develop your circulation and body consciousness. When it comes to your grey matter, yoga has the superpowers of lowering your cortisol levels and amplifying your cognition. It’s no wonder all this can be addictive because who doesn’t want to feel fantastic?

Anyone who’s ever done a yoga class or tried a session at home will know that the right music can make a moment. Putting on the perfect playlist can foster a flow and provide a pairing for the many styles of practice whether you lean into yin, gentle, hatha or vinyasa. Don’t leave it up to chance – choreograph the soundscape of your session by matching your intention to the tracks to curate either a meditative or a more fast-paced practise.

We’ve had our ears open and listened out for Spotify’s list of best beats to be moved by.

Yoga Girl Playlist

Aid your revelry of breath and movement with this playlist that makes for an ace accompaniment to a 90-minute vinyasa practice.

Feel Good Flow

To add some pep to your motivation, ignite and animate your flow with this 1-hr playlist stacked with diverse tracks.

Rainy Day Yoga Playlist: 11 Songs to Go with the Flow

Inspired by the peacefulness of precipitation, this playlist will give you an extra gear and add robustness to your practice.

Kundalini Mantras/Yoga Viva

Release that Kundalini with the help of these vitally vigorous tracks that will shift the latent female energy in your spine.

Fresh Body Fit Mind

Get in touch with your free-flowing feels with this playlist of tracks that keep your mind still and your body engaged.

Surya Namaskar 2

Put together by Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Jessica Stickler, you can ‘om’ your hour away.

Goop by Kyle Miller

The perfect combination of placid and perked up – this playlist creates a beautiful background for self-guided practice.

Yoga and Meditation by Spotify

Let go of all the strains of the day by pressing play on this playlist which features dope tracks for deep meditation.

Yoga – Vinyasa Flow

Make the most of your time and execution by putting on this playlist that’s ideal for a 90-minute session of Vinyasa Flow.

Best Yoga Music of the Year – Chanting and Mantras

Go on a sound journey and let this playlist put the passion into your wind-down or heart-centred practice.

1 Hour Yoga Playlist Courtesy of the Zen, Beth Cooke

Let this playlist lift your frame of mind and unveil your inner yogi so that you shine from start to finish.

Alo Yoga by Ashley Galvin

Hit play to let loose some deep electronic tracks and start your session with music that’s fit for flow.

Yoga Playlist by Annelie Yoga

A modish music accompaniment, this playlist will get you in touch with your cool and put the chill in your soundscape.

Soulfool Moody Moves by Lauren Eckstrom

Put the soul into your yoga session and let your mindful hair down with this expressive and excellent playlist.

15. Faith Hunter's Chakra-Healing Meditation Playlist

Dampen your racing mind with this playlist that goes hand-in-hand with your meditation practice

Whatever the nuance of your yoga practice – take the time to choose a playlist that adds an extra dimension and gives you the edge you need to downward dog your way to bliss.

Sarah Martino