How Indoor Plants Help Beat Stress

None of us is a stranger to stress and tension; those times in life where you feel like a tightly-wound ball and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t let go. Having all your ducks in a row is one thing. But experiencing success means nothing if you don’t have the positive mental health to enjoy it. The fact is, if you’re sick, you’ll seek help from a doctor. Being chronically stressed out is no different – taking action is essential. Apart from their beauty, indoor plants can improve your wellbeing too. These little green friends can keep stress at bay, and improve your mood and cognitive function for a start. That’s plenty of reasons to give potted plants a position in every room in your home.

Here in Australia, about 45% of us will experience a mental health issue during our lives. Each year, 1 million of us will suffer from depression, and upwards of 2 million will struggle with anxiety. And at work, 31% of Australian workers are super-stressed. Far out, that’s a lot of people in a lot of pain.

Studies show, touching or smelling indoor plants helps lessen the mental and physical signs of stress. And the soil you pot your plants in contains microbes, which act as natural antidepressants. Soil releases cytokines, which tells your grey matter to produce more serotonin; so being around the potting soil will lift your mood. Indoor plants also alter your brain’s electrical activity and affect muscle tension and heart activity. To help ease stress and get better zzzzz’s, place a potted Mother In Law’s Tongue or lovely Lavender near your bed.

Indoor plants clear the air. To battle air pollutants, this clever greenery absorbs the nasty air elements through their roots and leaves. Add to this, any room with a houseplant will have up to 60% less airborne moulds and bacteria than rooms without one. And another reason to surround yourself with potted plants? They keep dry winter air, moister, acting as natural humidifiers.

If you’re stressed at work, feeling unmotivated and uninspired, put some pot plants on your desk. These green coworkers will get your creative juices flowing and improve your ability to solve problems. A plant in your place of profession will help you concentrate, lift productivity, wellbeing and increase your memory powers. That’s a whole lot of help if you’re feeling tense at work.

If stress is strangling you, here are some plants to put in your indoor spaces and bring on more feelings of calm and flow. If you’ve already got some green company, increasing the number of houseplants can only be a good thing. Try these gems we’ve placed throughout the blog!

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