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At Dharma Bums, our purpose orbits firmly around ethical manufacturing and striving for greater sustainability. Already our range is 75% recycled or made with sustainable fabrics. As consumers – we're powerful. We have choices; options to do better and hold companies to account. Here are some other people and earth-loving brands to love and put on your shopping speed-dial.

It's frankly astounding that most toilet paper still comes from virgin trees. Seriously – we're cutting down trees to wipe and flush – what the…? To buck this wastefulness, and save energy and water as well, Who Gives A Crap (WGAC) are making their toilet paper from environmentally friendly materials. Not only do they sparing trees from pulp, they also donate a whopping 50% of profits to help build toilets for those who don't have them. It's 2020, and still, 2.3 billion people (around 40% of the global population) don't have access to a toilet. Toilets are more than porcelain thrones; they deliver dignity, health and a better quality of life. So far, WGAC has donated more than $2.5 million to charity.

This brilliant brand believes everyone is equal and should be able to live free of poverty. Abolishing global poverty is a lofty goal, but Thankyou is taking it on. The shocking fact is 767 million people still exist in severe poverty, and that includes those in Australia and New Zealand. That's 1 in 10 of us. Wow. And not wow in a good way. Fighting for fundamental rights like education, shelter, food and health, these people exist in survival mode, rather than 'living.' Because they're owned by the Thankyou Charitable Trust, which is a registered charitable entity – 100% of profits go to ending global poverty.

Focusing on a world without violence, whether in the home or the wider community – this company cares. By supporting Think Outside Da Block; evening bike rides that create community and togetherness. To help people reach their potential, they also support The Mix, which offers free, confidential support to youth. To promote equal access to healthcare, education and work, Toms help Magic Bus, which works to make sure teens finish their education and garner the skills to shift out of poverty. Tom does all this by giving away $1 for every $3 they make.

Also ethical and sustainability-focused, Loving Earth is aware of the interconnectedness of all living beings, from humans to insects. Working to this ethos, they're aware of the impact of each of their actions. Their ingredients don't use synthetic fertilisers or chemical pesticides and herbicides and are developed to assist in the rehabilitation of native ecosystems, stop erosion and conserve water. By using permaculture systems and growing native canopy species, the farmers work in synthesis by loving the earth.

This brand wears more than one hat (see what we did there?!). Their vision is simple – for every hat sold, ten trees are planted. Through their partnership with, their customers can contribute to the Plant a Forest Project. More trees mean cleaner air and more local jobs, with more farmers needed to maintain crops. Additional trees also mean more waterways, not to mention the sanctuary and beauty they bring. Planting more trees also helps reinvigorate degraded land, encourage biodiversity and bring back native species.

When you buy from this brand, you'll get a 100% compostable and plantable seed card, which holds real seeds. All you need to do is plant the card in a sunny space, then watch your green grow and tag it #seedandsprouting. At the same time, Seed and Sprout also plant a tree where they're most needed. 1, 2, TREE – a commitment to tackling the harm caused by deforestation. By 2020, this company's tree planting initiative has reforested acres of rainforest and single trees. They believe small changes, done together, have a real impact on our environment.

The truth is – where your money goes makes a difference. So if you’re looking to make ethical and sustainable choices, these are some brands to love.

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