• Behind The Scenes With Sophia Laryea

Where do you currently call home? - Bondi, Sydney

How long have you been practicing yoga? - Since 2013, so 5 years!

What style do you practice? - Vinyasa

What’s your favourite pose and why?

My favourite pose would shavasana, because I feel my mind and body fully surrender and all my thoughts disappear, it’s a nice treat after your practice

Describe your morning ritual. How do you start your day?

Every morning is different but on a good day I like to start with a ginger and lemon tea, Tm meditation and a made up bed before I shower and eat.

To maintain an active and healthy lifestyle (mind and body) what do you typically eat and what do you tend to avoid?

I eat everything although I try stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

Your daily aspiration to live by?

You’ve got this.

Top 3 favourite pieces from the Dharma Bums collection you can’t live without this season and why?

I love the Qi Flow Bra and the Bow leggings; I love the materials and the way it feels on the body. There are so many cool new yoga prints I wouldn’t be able to pick! But I am a sucker for animal print, so they automatically go on my wish list.

Favourite Australian beach? - Tee trea beach in Noosa

Favourite breakfast spot? - Bru Coffee, the best avo and tomato toast I’ve tasted!

Coffee or Chai? Coffee

What are you currently listening to? Jorja Smith