As we enter into 2014 we can expect to see the trend for brighter coloured yoga and activewear continue.  Through 2013 the demand for colour saw the emergence of bright, bold coloured leggings and there is no evidence this trend is slowing.  After years of seeing black dominate the gyms and studios it is a breath of fresh air to see people become braver in their choice of colours for their workout and yoga apparel.  The width of choice on offer is great which means we no longer have to look the same as the person on the Mat next to us. We can start to express ourselves and our love of colour. 

At Dharma Bums we will continue to work with print designers based here in Sydney and in New York to ensure we know the latest print trends and stay ahead of the curve. 

2014 is already shaping up to be one of the brightest we have seen in a while. Make sure you enjoy the coming season, shine bright , stand out and enjoy being a Dharma Bum.

Debbie Lawson