Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space is just about dedicating a specific area to the rejuvenation of your spirit. It could be a sacred altar, or for others it might just be a meditation space in your home, or a spot that feels tranquil to you and your soul.


In order to truly heal, you need that space. By adjusting your filter, you can set the intention for your sacred space and choose what you will and won’t allow in your sacred spot.

Turn off the noise

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the constant influx of information in our current world. Turn off your phone.

Palo Santo burning

Burning palo santo, using reiki or crystals singing bowls or even a simple prayer.


A talisman is anything symbolic to you, that helps you remember who you are and what your real intentions are.


Scented candles, incense, natural perfumes, scented soap, scented flowers, essential oils ... Make sure it is natural and it comes from a good source, also make sure to choose the right scents for whatever is you intention in the day.


To make your meditation space more personal and tranquil, you can add anything that makes you feel good. A comfortable cushion, inspirational quotes, photographs, crystals...

When your eyes perceive beauty, you automatically feel peaceful and calm. You can add your favorite colors, fresh flowers, art...


The sounds can help elevate the energy level in your sacred space, but whatever feels groovy to you is awesome.

Salt lamp

Salt lamp, burn pure beeswax candles, or get one of those little indoor water fountains.

Juliana Albuquerque