What product is the length alteration service available on?

Currently the service is only available on Printed Leggings.

What lengths can I get my leggings altered to?

You can get your leggings shortened to the following lengths:

  • Full length (27”) to a 7/8 Length (23.5”) or to a Crop Length (17”)
  • 7/8 length (23.5”) to a Crop Length (17”)

How much is your alterations service?

The cost of getting your Dharma Bums altered is $5.95 (AUD) for each pair.

Am I able to return or exchange leggings I have had altered?

There are no exchanges or refunds available once you have had them altered. Make sure you are absolutely happy with your purchase before you use this service.

Is the service available in the UK site?

Currently the service is only available on leggings purchased from the Australian site.

Can I get my leggings altered if I have purchased them from another retail outlet?

The service is only available on garment purchased through Dharma Bums' Australian website.

How long will it take for my leggings to be altered?

We ask that you allow an extra five business days for your delivery on all altered leggings.

How do I request my leggings to be shortened?

Simply add the items to your basket and at checkout you will be given the option to shorten any product in your basket that the service is available for. Follow the 5 Steps to Perfection listed below

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