The BSCI is the social monitoring system for ethical sourcing initiated by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). BSCI is a business-driven initiative for companies, like ours, committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. BSCI is focused around a common Code of Conduct and supports us in our efforts to build an ethical supply chain.

BSCI Code of Conduct is built on the most important International Conventions protecting workers' rights, notably the ILO Conventions and recommendations. As a BSCI participant, we commit to implementing the Code in our supply chains.

OEKO-TEX® consists of 18 independent research and test institutes in the field of textile and leather ecology in Europe and Japan with contact offices in more than 60 countries. The partner institutes have joint responsibility for the development of test methods and limit values which form the basis for the following standards:

Product labels according to

Production facility certification according to
STeP by OEKO-TEX® (Sustainable Textile & Leather Production)

What does the MADE IN GREEN label mean?
The MADE IN GREEN label gives you the certainty of knowing that the product is made:

  • with materials that have been tested for harmful substances
  • in environmentally friendly facilities
  • in safe and socially responsible workplaces

The Bluesign system aims to find solutions for sustainable textile production by eliminating harmful substances at each step of the supply chain, and approving chemicals, processes, materials, and products that are safe for the environment, the workers and customers.

Companies and manufacturers that become Bluesign partners agree to set up management systems for improving environmental performance, by following five principles:

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